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Style Startup Guedias Releases Indiegogo Crowdfunding Project to Raise Global Talent

  • Most current online fashion store Guedias has supposedly released a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the mission to raise budding fashion designers worldwide. The store has actually promised 100 % original & quality creations for purchasers.
    We want to develop an acknowledged Launch pad for upcoming skills who are committed to serve the buyers with luxurious, high-end originality, complete authenticity, honesty & extraordinary shopping experience. Our latest crowdfunding campaign seeks your valued support in broadening our platform so that we can focus much better in digging out more fresh talents worldwide who can amaze you with special style creations whenever, stated among the spokespersons from Guedias.
    Based in Houston, Guedias aims to build a robust bridge in between best upcoming fashion designers- manufacturers and consumers from all over the world through its brand-new online store. The company offers various fashion devices such as iPhone cases, wallets and charge card holders.
    Many skilled rising designers are frequently left untapped provided their less lucky geographical locations. We are anticipating get rid of that obstacle so that everybody gets equal opportunity to showcase his/her incredible developments all over the world despite nationality, gender, ethnic background or sexual preference. It’s a huge action and for this reason we would greatly require a huge assistance from the diligent & enthusiastic fashion fans around.
    Prior to addition in the store, Guedias checks each of the suppliers completely on the grounds of premium raw materials, flawless manufacturing capability, credibility & precise focus on details.
    Added to enhancing its website to discover more vendors, the online style start-up requires the fund assistance for high end digital marketing campaigns and awareness of Guedias app.
    Your assistance would help us to come up with a robust site backed by solid uptime, premium transaction security for our buyers and robust internet marketing campaigns. We also seek help to cover the shipment costs so that we can provide competitive rates to both our consumers and suppliers. Since mobile phones are ruling the digital world today, we have this dream of launching our own mobile app so that you can examine newest unique Guedias trends in a flash, included in another representative.
    The store has created a wide range of advantages for its crowdfunding advocates on Indiegogo. A donation of $10 will have the supporter s name acknowledged on Guedias campaigners page while an authentic leather/suede card holder would be talented on contributions reaching $35. Further contributions approximately $55 and $65 will have iPhone 6S/6 cases and iPhone 6 Plus cases respectively.
    The company is anticipating enhance its site by June 2016, work out with more vendors by December 2016 and launch full-on digital marketing campaign by January 2017.
    Come join us in developing a better world for fashion where skilled designers from any corner of the globe will be able to astonish us with special & superior surprises.

    San Jacinto Shopping mall to host Prom & Easter Fashion Show

    The season’s most current style patterns will hit the runway throughout the Prom & Easter Fashion Show at San Jacinto Mall, Saturday, March 19 starting at 2 p.m
    The occasion will give the community the opportunity to check out the season’s finest hair, makeup, apparel and device trends while enjoying music and free gifts. The very first 100 guests to go to the style program will receive a totally free present a traditional black and white mini tote bag. There will also be food samples and shopping rewards from getting involved merchants.
    All of us know about Easter egg hunts, but for teenagers, it’s all about the senior prom dress hunt, said Mary Evans, basic manager of San Jacinto Mall. For our fashion program, we’ve picked a collection of the best spring and senior prom looks available from our stores to show parents and students a range of interesting choices so they can put their finest foot forward during these very unique celebrations.
    Hosted by San Jacinto Mall, the Prom & Easter Fashion Show will exist by designs from Strut Houston. Included retailers will include Eternity, Suitology and Sun Rise Mods. In addition, outlet store anchors Macy’s and JCPenney will be showcasing top trends for spring apparel and senior prom dresses.
    In clothing, spring’s top looks include dynamic tones, bold stripes and creative twists on familiar staples, declaration earrings, and off the shoulder and cutout looks.
    For prom, this year’s go-to appearances consist of brief flirty gowns that show off legs and killer shoes, crop tops as part of a two-piece set, and lots of lace, to name a few.
    A one-stop purchase prom and Easter design, San Jacinto Mall is home to over 80 retailers, consisting of guys, women’s and children’s apparel and shoe stores, hair, nail and eyebrow salons, fashion jewelry stores and other health and beauty stores. While it’s top of mind, fashionistas are urged come by the stores to book appointments for hair, makeup and nails so they are ready for senior prom and Easter celebrations. Shopping early for apparel makes sure the very best option and time for any modifications that may be needed.
    Children can visit the Easter Bunny in his spring garden at San Jacinto Mall now through March 26. Picture packages start at $24.99 from March 6-23 and $27.99 from March 24-26. Kids will receive a complimentary activity book for checking out the Bunny!
    In addition, kids can go to www.SanJacintoMall to experience Bunnyville, including interactive online games and academic activities centered on the Easter Bunny’s town that includes a workshop, library, post office, school, art studio, train station, boutique, clubhouse, photo studio, internet caf, weather station and sweet store.

    More information is available when you visit www.teejunction.com.au