Building Hotels in Birmingham and the surrounding area

Birmingham is becoming a more popular tourist and business attraction for many reasons. After recently being name the most multi-cultural city of the UK, popularity has soared. The intense shopping experience, family markets and most popular theatre in the UK makes Birmingham a weekend holiday destination and popular business area.  The newly built shopping centre has also increase the popularity and business in Birmingham as it has a unique style and architecture with hundreds of stores from electrical to designer clothing.

With the popularity of Birmingham soaring and many more people passing through the city, the demand for more events such as mipim and cheap accommodation is also on the rise. Due to this many more hotels are being built in and around the city which is good for the business aspect of building merchants, builders etc but is there the space within in Birmingham for this?

One major attraction which is pushing up Birmingham’s popularity and visitors is the recently built NIA (National Indoor Area). The NIA is has always got something on and is planned to host many events for the upcoming Olympics 2012. With 2012 fast approaching many hotels are being constructed to hold the mass of visitor and contestants, Furthermore the building means a huge increase of the amount of building materials. A positive for this is there is allot of infrastructure already in Birmingham for building as Birmingham have seen some very impressive new buildings such as the new Shopping centre, the bullring¬† and the already mentioned NIA.

Demand, some are worrying whether Birmingham hasn’t got the resources to host birmingham events which will be needed for all the upcoming hotels and other building, for example building suppliers and builders, because of this building companies are looking for reliable sources of building materials and suppliers. Another issue around new building and especially for hotels because of the sheer size of the build is the carbon cost of building them. To overcome this many of the companies who are building these new hotel are using builders merchants and building supplies Birmingham to ensure the traveling of the needed items is as low as possible to ensure there carbon footprint is low.

Due to the moans and worries about new hotels in Birmingham and the surrounding area, some hotel have been moved to the near surrounding area which provide great links into Birmingham travel, business and entertainment wise. By doing this it mean the area of Birmingham doesn’t become over populated with huge hotels and building structures, it also provides the small suburb cities with business and investment. Cities which are popular and are thought to be having more hotel built.